Year 6


21 March

This week’s maths challenge…

This week we will be revisiting units of measure. Your challenge is to find items in your home and to share their length, volume or weight, expressing their units of measure in as many ways as possible.

For example:

In my fridge I have a 2 litre bottle of water. 2 litres can be converted into 200 centilitres or 2000 millilitres. There is approximately 3/4 of the drink left. This means that there is approx. 1.5 l, 150 cl or 1500 ml remaining.


What can you find?


One Response to “This week’s maths challenge…”

  1. Yasmin says:

    In my fridge I could find a 2.5l bottle of orange juice which can be converted to cl is 250CL which also can be converted into ml which will become 2,500ML there are 2/5 of the drink let so there is approx. 1L,100cl,1000ml remaning

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