Year 6


21 March

The Tempest Backstory Extract

Admired, respected, loved, the Duke of Milan, named Prospero, rode through the streets of his home town on his glistening-white stallion with his gorgeous daughter Miranda, who was equally as loved as Prospero by their subjects. Besides Prospero’s greatest love, Miranda, he also had another great love. His love of books. Books because these books were infused with magic and science. The magic and science that controlled the world.


By Max


3 Responses to “The Tempest Backstory Extract”

  1. sycamoreblog says:

    We think it is Amazing
    from T and Margaret

  2. sycamoreblog says:

    cool extract,max!

  3. Yasmin says:

    what an intriguing extract it makes me want to read on Max and find out what happens next.

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