Year 6


28 March

Prospero spoke. Can you improve this sentence?

Try improving the sentence Prospero spoke by:


Changing the verb.

Adding an expanded noun phrase.

Adding a prepositional phrase.

Adding an adverbial phrase.

Adding a short but important section of direct speech.


Be sure to punctuate your improvements effectively.


6 Responses to “Prospero spoke. Can you improve this sentence?”

  1. Emily says:

    Early in the morning, mighty Prospero demanded that Caliban went to fetch some wood fire.In the meantime,he could order Ariel to create the Tempest.

  2. Tea Ryder says:

    Whilst the aqua marine sea glistened in the sun light,the almighty Prospero ordered his cold-hearted evil brother to travel over the uneven hills,”The water from the well is running out, go fetch me some more from the next village now!”and with stern look on his face he sprinted out of the royal palace.

  3. Josh I says:

    Yesterday, Ariel created the daunting Tempest and Prospero exclaimed “You have done a brilliant job by destroying that utterly revolting ship”.

  4. Mia W says:

    Last week, Prospero, who was holding one of his dusty, old magic books, whispered cunningly about his callous plan to get justice from wicked Antonio to loyal Ariel.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Prospero spoke with pride and joy while he gave permission for Miranda to get married.

  6. William r says:

    Prospero spoke to his beautiful daughter saying ” I’m off to see the filfy malignant thing CALIBAN ”

    William r

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