Year 6


22 March

The Tempest Backstory Extract

One dark, foggy night, the father and daughter were sleeping gently in their chambers. Yards of thick velvet cascaded down the sides of their four-poster beds as they slept restfully. Well, Prospero was peaceful. Little Miranda was awakened by the sound of shouting ominous footsteps outside. She heard noises every night – as she lived in a busy city – but not as mysterious as these ones.
“Get the boat ready!” a man called.
“On it!” another person shouted back. What were they preparing? All of these questions whizzed around in the poor little girl’s mind all at once. She was being swallowed in a cloud of fear. Just in case, she pretended to be asleep. Was it a thief? Was it a monster? No matter what it was, Miranda pretended to sleep anyway. Anxiety overwhelmed her. She gripped on to her blanket in panic. Her palms grew sweaty. She began trembling. Step, step, step went the men outside. The steps got closer. Closer and closer…
“GRAB THEM!” the door burst open, a figure dressed in duke-like clothes bellowing orders. However, it wasn’t Prospero… It was Antonio. This was when she realised. A group of guards seized the pair by the collar of their shirts. Miranda kicked and screamed, but hardly any noise came from her mouth. Her collar was strangling her with a tight grasp. “THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!” Prospero boomed, calling hoarsely for help. Many citizens came, but the guards’ fists were made of robust steel almost, and they were all punched down to the floor if they didn’t escape quick enough.


by Bryony


5 Responses to “The Tempest Backstory Extract”

  1. sycamoreblog says:

    WOW THAT IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sycamoreblog says:

    great Bryony I love it from sophie

  3. Daniel A says:

    absolutely AMAZING, bryony!

  4. Max says:

    Bryony this piece of writing is absolutely incredible keep up this amazing work as you will probably be writing great books someday.

  5. Yasmin says:

    Fantastic extract Bryony it gave me the chills.

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