Year 6


14 March

Maths challenge

John got 20/25 marks on his maths test.

Sarah got 75% of the marks on the same test.

Who performed the best?

Explain your answer as clearly as you can.


5 Responses to “Maths challenge”

  1. Max says:

    John. He got 80% and Sarah got 75%

  2. buckleyl says:

    Good thinking all round. The answer is John with 80%.

  3. sycamoreblog says:

    We need to make John’s score into a percentage, to compare it with Sarah’s score. We multiply 25 by 4 so we need to multiply 20 by 4. John scored 80/100=80%.John scored more because 80% is more than Sarah’s 75%.


  4. keira says:

    John preformed best because 25÷75 is the
    Same as 3 so Sarah got 3 out of 25 and John
    Got 20 out of 25

  5. Yasmin says:

    So john got 20/25 and sarah got 75% convert 20/25 to 100th so you can easily convert it to a %. 20/25 see how mant times 25 goes into a hundred which is 4 and what ever you do to the denominator you must do to the numerator so 20×4=80 so the new fraction is 80/100 and percentage means out of 100 so john got 80%and sarah got 75%. So john got the highest.

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