Year 6


26 May

Letter from Macbeth: By Izzy Pre

Dear wife, 

Many events have occurred! The first and for most was the battle:we won!it was a horrific yet important battle.Many of  our soldiers died, however many more Norwegians lost their lives. Thankfully my loyal comrade Banquoe survived the tough, almighty battle.

Suddenly after the war, these three mysterious  witches (who were the most strangest of creatures i have ever laid my eyes on) approached me. They told me what i am now the thane of  Glamis. Second o will become the thane of Cawdor but third they told me i will be king of Scotland! Quite soon after the witches speech a stallion appeared with a young messenger on its back pronounced that i am thane of Cawdor!

The reason why i became thane was because the powerful king Duncan knew the old thane was betraying the almighty Scotland and was to be killed.,

Even-though king Duncan is a loyal king to us citizens he made is son the prince of Cumberland prince of Scotland when I think it should be ME!I am we will create a plan when I get back and i have a suspicion in what it is going to be.

                                   Love From            

                            your husband Macbeth


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