Year 6


21 September

Kadeena cox inspiration

Kadeena cox is a Paralympic hero she can inspire anyone and has inspired loads of people throughout the Olympics. Its crazy how good she is at the it she has a stroke and MS (multiple Sclerosis) which is a condition that affects the nervous system but does that stop her from winning No!. She has been through so much training (4 years!). The main thing that’s really getting to her is online bulling,she doesn’t need to be bullied when she is trying to cope with her disability. But if your the bully firstly stop and think but secondly look at her progress its amazing. She has got a gold medal for 400m sprint and another gold medal for cycling, a silver medal for 100m relay and last not least a bronze for 100m sprint. So if you think your getting to her think again. I think the most exciting thing that happened was when kadeena cox came to green lane! But that was a year ago. At the ending ceremony (Paralympics)she got to hold the British flag which is such a privilege. Thanks to her we are second in the Paralympics. So she has inspired me to believe in your dreams and go and do as much as you can and always reach your goal. So well done Kadeena cox you are England’s hero!

Charlie T


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  1. CThom says:

    Always lovely to see Charlie’s work up on the blog. He would certainly give the bully’s food for thought.

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