Year 6


21 September

Kadeena Cox!

Kadeena Cox could inspire children because she is the best para – athlete that ever lived in my eyes since she has many obstacles to overcome she keeps on going. She is so amazing at sport even though she has a disability called Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is a condition that infects the nervous system so she is not completely in control of her limbs which isn’t good for an athlete. She was chosen to go to the Olympics to compete at the Paralympics and she won: Bronze medal in 100m sprint; Gold medal in 400 sprint; Gold medal in cycling and Silver medal in 100m relay. Kadeena Cox was also chosen to carry the British flag in the closing ceremony for the Rio Paralympics 2016. Go KADEENA!

Children can be inspired in school by Kadeena because she has lots and lots of resilience because even though she knew that she wouldn’t get gold in some of her races she didn’t give up and kept on going and actually finished with a medal in all the races that she competed in. Children can also be inspired by her reflectiveness because if she does something that she didn’t like she would practice it and never stop trying.

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