Year 6


28 June

How the production is going.

I think that the play is going brilliantly everybody is learning their lines and the backstage people are trying really hard to make the props. The actors with the main parts can be really funny! The songs everybody loves and are also extremely funny. We have amazing props and all of the play is really pulling together now. I think Tia is a really good actor because she is always in character and works really well with the rest of the cast. We also have some excellent dances for in between the scenes choreographed by a dance teacher and is also going to be a big hit on the day that the cast performs the play of The Tempest! Everybody is working together nicely and there have been no fall outs and Morgan is a really good actor at being Caliban – who is very funny and is a great actor. I’m sure everybody will love it!!! 😀

By Ellie.O’

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