Year 6


21 September

How Kadeena Cox inspires me !

Kadeena Cox inspires me because she has had such big obstacles that she has either suffered from or over come which is amazing for such a young athlete. She has suffered form a stroke that had effected how she walked and pick things up,also how she generally moved however then she developed a disease that was called Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that effects the nervous system and she was bullied online. She visited our school just after she won gold for 100m sprint in the world Para-athletics championships. In Rio 2016 Kadeena Cox won a Bronze medal in 100 m sprint Gold in 400m sprint and Gold in cycling AND Silver in 100m relay. Kadeena Cox was chosen to carry the British flag at the closing ceremony.

She inspires people by her attitude we have the 5rs at school the 5 are resilience , reflectiveness , responsibility , resourcefulness and readiness she Is always being all of them mainly resilience!!!!

Beth P

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