Year 6


21 September

How Kadeena Cox Could Inspire Us

Kadeena Cox is a very talented para-althete, following her dreams no matter what. With the stroke and MS, she always tries her best to succeed, dismissing the bad things and focusing on being optimistic. She had stroke when she was younger, and then unfortunately developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Kadeena Cox also had been sadly bullied online, from a picture she posted. But that didn’t stop her trying. Kadeena is an excellent role model for us, as she faces challenges, however, is determined to try her best.

As a result of this, she won:

A bronze medal in 100m sprint
A gold medal in 400m sprint
Another gold medal in cycling
A silver medal in 100m relay.

Kadeena Cox then was chosen carry the British flag in the this Summer’s Paralympics closing ceremony! She deserves such a special honour, from her perseverance and hard work.

Thank you for inspiring us, Kadeena!

By Bryony L

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