Year 6


26 May

Describe a setting creating atmosphere : Macbeth

It was a coal-black, frosty, petrifying night and the reputable warriors fought for survival.Many decaying,lonely trees were strewn across the mossy heath.Cantering on the heather-covered heath,the exhausted senile horses couldn’t wait to relax.

Abandoned,blood-covered,dropped,the valuable coins were rescued from the battle field.

Tweeting and pecking, waddling and hungry, the ravens were trying to eat the corpses from the wounded warriors. The amazing soldiers felt drained out:swords dropped; limbs lost; dead bodies.

As the mist cleared, three figures could be seen upon the heath.In coal-black attire with a fiendish look in their eyes. Standing in unison, the witches had witnessed the battle.The hags heard a drum beating: this meant someone extraordinary was approaching them.

Macbeth was the Thane of Glamis so was extremely high up in business. Banquo was Macbeth’s comrade and mighty warrior. They were brothers-in-arms.




















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