Year 6


06 November

British Values Imogen and Zoe

In British Values we have been finding out facts about Stephen Hawking and Jessica Ennis-Hill.We chose these Britons because Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientists known to man. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Motor Neurons disease when he was 19. At that time he was told he only had 2 years left of survival however, he is now 73 and counting and has achieved a lot in the field of Science, investigating ‘black holes’.
Jessica Ennis-Hill won 8 medals, 5 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. She grew up in Sheffield and at the age of 13 started a boot camp and her first coach was called Tony Minichiella. Jess represents Great Britain in the Heptathlon in several events such as: hurdles, running, long jump, shot put and javelin.

We found out about these people because they are both positive role models for British people and they have worked hard in life to achieve well.


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  1. Nansi Cole says:

    I like that you chose to learn about inspirational Britons working in very different fields: science and sport. Can you think of any others from other professions?

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