Year 6


26 May

Battle Scene Description / Macbeth Work

The dead, silent, revolting battlefield was swallowed by the mist. Screaming, the corpses lay stranded on the battlefield. The sobbing, traumatized soldiers called out for their dead, innocent comrades and family – hoping that they would see them again. Tortured, terrified, exhausted, the soldiers collected and stole precious goods from corpses that were strewn on the ground. Cold and worried, starving and mournful – the soldiers who were still breathing were clambering to their feet. The battlefield was ruined; corpses scattered everywhere; shields and swords left abandoned by other soldiers; the revolting smell of blood filled the air. The battlefield ( which was once a beautiful moor ) was now a path to hell. The seriously injured soldiers screamed ” arrgghh!” as if that would save them.

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