Year 6


12 May


Since I do a lot of dance, I have to learn a lot of gymnastics. Usually, I teach my self gymnastics (like I taught myself a front-walker, back-walkover and much more). Recently I went to an acrobatics workshop where we were learning how to do non-handed cartwheels. Due to never doing any non-handed skills before we tried doing one off a mini trampoline. Suprisingly, I actually did it! However on my 5th time doing it I fell on the elbow on the hand I write with. I went to hospital to get a sling and I was really upset because I couldn’t write for SATs. On my second hospital trip (a week later) I had some good news- I didn’t need my sling anymore. I was really happy because I could write for the SATs tests and get back to dance and gymnastics. During the time recovering, I was trying my best to do a non-handed cartwheel on the grass without a trampoline. After a few weeks, I actually did a lot of them on ground with no trampoline. Since then I have been extremely happy but very careful not to fall on my elbow again!

By Madi J

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