Year 6


04 July

Year 6 production The Tempest by Josh I

The production is going really well and everyone is enjoying it. The production is based on  Shakespeare play which has such good comedy and amazing drama. I think it is a great play and it is going to be awesome and if you are coming to see it you will be surprised about how great it is. Trinculo and Stephano are comedian characters. Prospero is a wizard who has daughter called Miranda. There are Noblemen and their names are Sebastian, Antonio, King Alonso, Prince Ferdinand, Gonzalo and Adrian. Everyone has learned their lines and doing really well.

I hope you enjoy The Tempest.

04 July

The Year 6 Production The Tempest~TR

Currentley , the year 6 classes are acting out a short play called The Tempest( a William Shakespeare tale). It’s going really well so far; everybody already knows their lines and the extra added dances and lines makes everything even better.  Everybody seems to enjoy their parts in the production. The comedy scenes are extremely funny and comical. I think if you are coming to watch the play you will enjoy it. In Green Lane , we have some skilled actors. My part in the the play is Ariel; Ariel is Prospero’s servant and the main spirit. The people backstage are also helping out even though they aren’t in the play. The props and scenery were made by the backstage group and some spirits/mariners. Everyone is trying hard and I bet the final result will be fantastic!

Hope you enjoy The Tempest because we loved being part of it!

04 July

Year 6 are working on the Tempest a classic play. The Tempest takes place on a remote island in the Atlantic ocean were a sorcerer named Prospero has created a tempest to wreak ship that is transporting king Alonso of Naples. The play is about how Prospero attempts to become Duke of Milan again as he lost the title to his brother who in an attempt to kill him sent him to the island and so Prospero practiced his magic. In the end Prospero gets his dukedom and the kings son marries his daughter Miranda and its a happy ending. Here is a list of the cast.

Prospero- Harrison
Alonso- Josh
Areil- Tea
Adrian-Harry j
mariners-william Dione Max Oceanea Harry d Nathaniel mac

04 July

The Tempest play by Hannah S

I would 100% recommend coming to the show. I find it an opportunity for certain people to be involved in something new that they have never done before. In some ways people maybe could explore in the near future. Many children have massively improved from the start with the helping hand of Miss Egan and Mr Buckley. A great amount of people are of script and just fluffing now and again on a line or two but that is normal for a production company working extremely fast. The show is working well to say the amount of time we have had. It still could be improved in some scenes. This is my opinion on the production.

04 July

Glpa year 6 production – Izzy Pre

Our year 6 production is named The Tempest.I advise everybody to try and attend the short play as everybody that wants a line (or several) has got a line/ lines. Everybody that has a part has taken to it very well and most people are happy with there parts.My Part in the play is a old man Gonzalo ; he is a servant to the king of Naples. All of our scenery is handmade by all of the year six children. Everybody has helped by making the props some of the homemade things are:

  • A barrel
  • Wine bottles
  • Flowers
  • Prospero’s book


Our rehearsals are going very well and we are trying are hardest every time we rehearse!

By Izzy Pre


04 July

The Tempest 2017 by Josh A

The play is progressing incredibly well and about ninety-five percent of people know and are confident with their lines. I am Trinculo, one of the two main comedy parts, and Jake is Stephano, the other extremely comical part. There are three plotting, power-hungry villains, Caliban (Morgan), Sebastian (Hannah S) and Antonio (Charlie S). Prospero, arguably the main part, is Harrison S who has been very committed and dedicating his past few weeks to learning his lines and practicing his actions. Well done Harrison. Miranda and Ferdinand (Tia and Angus) has been working hard to act as if they are true lovers, which they do very well. Well done Tia and Angus. Ariel (Tea) and all the other spirits have been improving very quickly and have responded to teacher`s feedback. Well done Tea and the spirits.

There has been a few problems regarding some of the mariners but they have all been rectified. Well done Boatswain, mariners and Master. The noblemen have worked so hard and you MUST see the food dance (It`s funny, alright!)and they are acting very well. My mum has helped with some of the dances as she is a dancing teacher.

Overall, the play is going extremely well and it is well worth watching.

Josh A

04 July

GLPA year 6 production The Tempest!

This summer the year 6 pupils will be producing a short production based on the well known play The Tempest originally by  William Shakespeare.

The production is coming along rapidly and will be amazing when it is shown to parents and carers of the year 6’s.

All of the children that wanted lines have got lines. Not all the children got the parts they wanted but the teachers tried their best to give everything what they wanted.

Erin W

03 July

The Tempest Play

The tempest is going really well everyone can remember their lines without their scripts ( a great improvement ) and their acting really well as well. The play is so good at the minute and we’re making it even better at the minute by putting 3 ( I think ) dances inside to improve the effect it has on the magic spells that lots of people use. The play is very magical and includes Spirits, kings, nobleman and comedians to make this play a little more funny but that might not be the only piece of comedy included. Even better there are even lots of fun songs to sing and you could even take part in them when your in the audience!

By Max W

03 July

How the production is going

The play is going very well. Everyone is learning their lines. I will give a mention to Prospero(Harrison S) and Miranda(Tia.) The backstage people have been doing props and painting the scene. Yesterday(Monday 26th June) we practiced with out our scripts. My favorite scene is scene 10: What a Wardrobe. I like it with Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo because Josh A is very amusing. Although I come on stage once I really enjoy watching it.


By Oliver R

03 July

The Tempest so far by Luke C

The play is going great so far. The teachers (Mr Buckley and Miss Egan) have been working very hard on this play. The actors are doing fantastic in their parts. In my opinion the best actor is Jake D. Prospero is probably one of the best actors in year 6. The backstage people have been creating the scenes in the background and making an effect in every scene. I think this play is very exciting in lots of different ways.

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