Year 6


28 March

Easter Revision!


You have all been working SO hard in preparation for your tests. There’s not long to go now and it’s important to keep the momentum going over the Easter break! So, in addition to enjoying lots of chocolate; fresh air and family time, it would be very beneficial to keep the revision going.  Some areas to focus on include the following topics.  Your Pearson revision guides and workbooks will include much of this.


Active and Passive voice

Modal verbs

Verb tenses – (simple present/past, present/past perfect, present/past progressive)

Tricky Spellings


Colons, semi-colons

Hyphens, dashes, brackets

Commas for clarity

Apostrophes for contraction (we’ve) and possession (Harry’s bag)

Word classes – nouns (proper, abstract, common, collective), verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, determiners, conjunctions etc.

Spelling of homophones


Co-ordinates in 4 quadrants

Properties of 2D and 3D shapes (including circles)

Angles (measuring and calculating missing angles)

Area and perimeter


Measures – converting units of length, mass and capacity.  Problem solving with measures.

Mean averages

Interpreting data (bar charts, pictograms, line graphs and pie charts)


Place value

Roman numerals



There are many online games available too which could help. Topmarks offers many different maths games – just check that they are at a challenging enough level for you!

Although the website is aimed at adult education, the grammar and punctuation activities are very useful for Y6 revision.  Follow the English links to the Word Grammar and Sentence Grammar games etc.


28 March

Measure problems.

One gram of gold costs £8.57.  What is the cost of half a kilogram of gold?

Explain your reasoning.

28 March

Prospero spoke. Can you improve this sentence?

Try improving the sentence Prospero spoke by:


Changing the verb.

Adding an expanded noun phrase.

Adding a prepositional phrase.

Adding an adverbial phrase.

Adding a short but important section of direct speech.


Be sure to punctuate your improvements effectively.

28 March

Lily’s extract

The tempest back story extract

The ominous clouds came rolling in; rain fell; lighting crackled, Prospero and Miranda were clinging onto the boat for their dear lives crying, “Mercy, mercy on us!” Soon they arrived at a tropical island. They clambered onto it struggling with each step.

By Lily

28 March

The backstory of the Tempest

Many kings and Queens that have lived, there was only one mighty emperor that stood up from the crowd, and his name was Prospero. Fearsome, gifted and extremely talented he ruled Milan ,the soft but big village.
But despite his wonderers job he has to care for his stunning exquisite daughter Miranda who too was popular with her people.
Prospero was a trustworthy leader but sooner on the mighty leader became into his majestic books.
He soon became a book lover and a Milan hater, and because he optionally handed over his mighty privileges to his evil gruesome brother Antonio…
Things may get a bit tricky.
Antonio, the kings brother, slowly but shortly took over Milan.
But one day Antonio got on he gleaming white horse and franticly rode to his friend the king a Naples and hatched an evil plan. So Alonso’s men sneakily crept into there room and kidnapped the king and hid daughter.

28 March


In the past,there was a man called Prospero. Prospero wasn’t an ordinary Duke of Milan, he was magical, and he had a young daughter, Miranda. Miranda, was a very attractive woman, and everyone loved it when she came by and visited. Everyone in the village, would clap and cheer for them(they were both respected for their greatness). 

The amazing wizard, who loved his beautiful daughter, though he liked something even more … His books;Quickly, facinatingly, swiftly Prospero would admire his wonderful books. 

Antonio, who was Prospero’s younger brother, wanted to be Duke of Milan. The reason for this was, that Antonio would always have to do the jobs that the Duke should have to do because, Prospero would study his bewitching books.  

28 March

Tempest Backstory Extract

The time was now right for Antonio and Alonso. they sneaked into the great palace and BAM! Just like that Prospero and Miranda were took clean of their beds and on a large vessel unfortunately they all didn’t know a tempest was heading their way and later destroyed the vessel

Later that day they were washed ashore on a mysterious, strange and fascinating island. The island was full of strange things and animals. Would they survive…

23 March

The Tempest backstory extract by Sophie B

                                                     THE TEMPEST BACKSTORY EXTRACT

                                                Miranda and Prospero’s life before you new it 


When they finally recovered they were way out at sea and could see an ominous black cloud creeping closer .Inch by inch ….metre by metre… it was finally upon them! Quickly Prospero and Miranda grabbed each other and the precious hooks to stop everyone from falling overboard. “Mercy on us mercy!  Mercy! Mercy, mercy!” they yelled at the top of their lungs. In the middle of all this poor Miranda thought “Why me…? Why did it have to be me?” The storm finally passed after what seemed like months, years, decades even. Prospero and Miranda found themselves stranded on a strange, magical island. What will happen to them next…?


By Sophie B

23 March

The Tempest Backstory Extract (continuation)

This is a continuation of my previous post. I did not see the option to edit visible, therefore I am continuing the extract here.


One dark, foggy night, the father and daughter were sleeping gently in their chambers. Yards of thick velvet cascaded down the sides of their four-poster beds as they slept restfully. Well, Prospero was peaceful. Little Miranda was awakened by the sound of shouting ominous footsteps outside. She heard noises every night – as she lived in a busy city – but not as mysterious as these ones.
“Get the boat ready!” a man called.
“On it!” another person shouted back. What were they preparing? All of these questions whizzed around in the poor little girl’s mind all at once. She was being swallowed in a cloud of fear. Just in case, she pretended to be asleep. Was it a thief? Was it a monster? No matter what it was, Miranda pretended to sleep anyway. Anxiety overwhelmed her. She gripped on to her blanket in panic. Her palms grew sweaty. She began trembling. Step, step, step went the men outside. The steps got closer. Closer and closer…
“GRAB THEM!” the door burst open, a figure dressed in duke-like clothes bellowing orders. However, it wasn’t Prospero… It was Antonio. This was when she realised. A group of guards seized the pair by the collar of their shirts. Miranda kicked and screamed, but hardly any noise came from her mouth. Her collar was strangling her with a tight grasp. “THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!” Prospero boomed, calling hoarsely for help. Many citizens came, but the guards’ fists were made of robust steel almost, and they were all punched down to the floor if they didn’t escape quick enough.  “Chuck ’em in!” Antonio laughed like an insane man. The guards threw the father and daughter obediently in the weak fishing boat. Another guard also threw some food and water in the boat by order. King Alonso kindly put some of Prospero’s beloved books in the boat. He seemed innocent at first, but then he called “Take care!” with a broad, mischievous grin spread across his face. Antonio did the honours and pushed the boat away, into the stormy sea. Frightened, tormented, panic-stricken, the pair cried for help as the boat rocked violently in the raging waters.

by Bryony

23 March

The Tempest Backstory Extract

The Tempest Backstory


Hours went by. Shivering the pair looked up. A huge ominous rain cloud loomed ahead. One minute passed by and it wasn’t raining yet…  Two minutes passed… Three minutes… Four… Five minutes passed and it started to rain. PITTER PATTER, PITTER PATTER! Another five minutes later, they were being thrown about in the surging, thrashing waves as Prospero clung  onto his daughter with his right arm and his books with his left and while Miranda yelled at the top of her lungs, “MERCY ON US!” at the same time clutching the side of the creaky old boat whilst the waves leapt over and landed at their feet.

Later the storm died down and Prospero and Miranda found themselves washed up on a strange tropical Island. “At last,” he thought,” a sign of life!” Could they live here…?

by Mia W

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